Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

July 14, 2001

Hello to everyone who's reading this due to a plug on someone else's page.

Little of interest today, besides a Mass that was the most unintentionally embarrassingly hilariously bad thing I've been associated with since I saw "Battlefield Earth". There's a new musician with some, to say the least…interesting ideas.

Caught a pair tonight: "Legally Blonde" and "The Score".

"Legally Blonde", by Robert Luketic, is better than it really has any right to be, owing mostly to the power of Reese Witherspoon. It's because of her presence that the material works. There are surprises in the script, too-a large number of these "fish-out-of-water" type comedies are predicated by a lie by the main character. In this case, it's all due to the self-belief of the main character. The film actually looks pretty bad-grainy and poorly shot at times-but Witherspoon is so winning it hardly matters.

"The Score", by Frank Oz is terrific. The confluence of the three great actors (Brando, Norton, and DeNiro) is a joy to watch, and the snappy, taut script is a bonus. DeNiro and Norton play off each other well, and Brando…even as a morbidly obese, effeminate, broken-down thief, he's still the absolute center of every frame he's in. There's even a very subtle moral lesson at the end, if you wish to consider it in that way. Frank Oz just might have a career ahead of him in suspense.

Today's Link Of The Day is Tony Kornheiser's column in the Washington Post. Kornheiser's a damn fine sportswriter during the week, and a terrific slice-of-life writer on Sundays. Since it's probably Sunday as you're reading this, the new column should be available now.

7/15/2001 4:54 AM

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