Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

OK, it won't exactly come as great news to anyone that I have little use for the hazing activities depicted on the Glenbrook North videotape. But, since I haven't exactly taken an opportunity to pontificate on anything in a while, I figured what the hell.

I think everyone on that videotape-attacker, victim, or witness-should be expelled from school and prohibited from finding alternate sources of education.

Now, it's entirely possible that this is my class resentment flaring up again (I, myself, being unable to even think about breaking into that stratum of popularity in high school), but an action such as this-forcing them to go through life as dropouts-would make them realize the true gravity of their actions.

Some of you are, undoubtedly, saying, "For fucksake, you graduated from high school years ago. Let it go!" To you I say: No. Those same popularity-based principles would simply follow them around through life in the adult world, unless something is done to stop them.

Similarly, some of you may be decrying the concept of punishing the "victims". The thing to consider there is that they were there, participating in a banned activity…because why? So they could do it to next year's class? No. They were just as in the wrong as the attackers, and deserve the same punishment.

For those would-be Freudians among you: no, I did not receive any kind of hazing or initiation during my high school days.

All of them must be made to realize all the tolls of their actions.

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