Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

July 17, 2001

Odd bits of busy today.

Did a bunch of running around, taking cars to shops, etc. Also hit the library, where I picked up, among other things, "Callahan's Legacy", by Spider Robinson, and a gigantic bread machine book. Because I like my bread machine and want it to do more for me. (Hell, I just like bread.)

Between that, did some reading, some napping, and some etcetera. Became involved, in a sideways manner, in an office-decorating project.

Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will have dinosaurs!

Today's Link Of The Day is Ninth Art. It's a somewhat Anglocentric look at the comics industry, and has some of the best writing about comics you'll find. Of particular interest are Paul O'Brien's Article 10 columns. O'Brien is a Scotsman who also writes a weekly review of the newly released books. He's terrifically funny and smart, and his works are always worth looking for. Anyway: http://www.ninthart.com

7/18/2001 3:44 AM

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