Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

June 6, 2001.

Kind of a dull day. I don't know where this will go, but I'm going to hack on the keys until something develops.

Finally got to sleep late today, which was a blessing. Then I got a call back on a job application I had done over the phone. I was told I was overqualified, wished good luck in my search, and put on my way. This puzzled me. Apparently, the amount of money I was making on my previous job marked me as "overqualified". The job I'd applied for would have paid me about half what I was making on my previous job. The person I spoke to didn't even know what my qualifications were. The truth is, I was probably under qualified for said previous job-maybe I was exactly perfectly qualified for the job I was rejected from.

This leads me to another thought. Maybe I would have been fine with working for that about-half salary. But I wasn't even given a choice on that. I dislike being told what I want-I think most people do.

Hell. That went no place. Continue to babble onto the keys, see if anything pops up.

Went to the library today. Picked up "The Callahan Touch" by Spider Robinson (no known relation) and "Bald As I Want To Be" by Tony Kornheiser.

I need to buy a chair. Sitting on the floor while I type is losing its charm. It never had any charm, which I guess means I am creating a "charm black hole", sucking the charm out of everything around me.

Sigh…I've run out of thoughts. Link of the day is "The Healing Power of Obnoxiousness", operated by the insanely funny Paul T. Riddell at http://www.hpoo.com

6/7/2001 2:15 AM

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