Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

July 27, 2001


Illinois readers, a question: is it fraud to raise the price of an item before a storewide sale begins?

Saw "Planet of the Apes", by Tim Burton. And I feel I'm not stepping too far out of line when I say it will take home at least one Oscar in March-Best Makeup. Which is not to say the makeup was the only point of quality-it's a damn fine film. Burton handles the material deftly, with a couple of (perhaps too clever?) asides to the audience that put you in mind of the first film-the second ape-spoken line, for example. The performances are, on the whole, good, with particular accolades due to Helena Bonham Carter as the preeminent pro-human ape. About the only thing I'm having trouble with-and at this point, it could be me-is the surprise twist ending. I'm not quite sure, logically, how it fits into the rest of the picture. But it's definitely worth seeing for yourself and making your own decision.

Today's Link Of The Day is Archaic Medical Terms. Ever wondered if you had dropsy? Ever thought that maybe you had grippe, but you weren't sure what the hell grippe was? Here's the place to find out. http://www.paul_smith.doctors.org.uk/ArchaicMedicalTerms.htm

7/28/2001 3:21 AM

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