Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

July 28, 2001

Well, THAT was unexpected.

I walk into the house at 12:40AM, bearing buttermilk and unsalted butter (both to go into the cornbread I was planning) and after having just seen "Brother" (more on that later), when Dad, fully awake say, "Good, you're home. We're going to the ER."

As it turns out, he was having trouble, apparently bleeding from somewhere in his gastrointestinal tract. So we get to the ER, play the Waiting Game (which sucks, I highly recommend Hungry Hungry Hippos as an alternative), and it's finally decided that he'll be admitted. This coming less than a week before he and Mom are due to fly off for a vacation. The good news is, he'll probably be out Monday. But anyway, I did not expect to spend 5 hours sitting in the ER tonight.

Did hear some interesting bits floating around while I was there. Apparently a girl had been brought in for having been dosed with GHB, and her friends, Abercrombie & Fitch-clad scum all, were sitting in the waiting room lamenting what had happened. Maybe it was a dislike for them or their class standing, or maybe it's just the current hour and the fact that rosy-fingered dawn in marching up from the horizon, but I hope I never see any of those humans again.

Saw "Brother", directed (and written, and edited, and starred in) by Takeshi Kitano (though he does his acting under the name "Beat Takeshi"). Wow. That may be the most violent film I've seen since "Saving Private Ryan". Disembowelings, finger removals, all manner of shootings, and one rather interesting use of chopsticks abound. Takeshi plays Yamamoto, a Yakuza who is exiled from Tokyo. He ends up in L.A., living with his younger brother, who works as a petty street corner drug dealer. Yamamoto is unhappy about this-not because of his brother's trade, but because he's so low-level and not involved in management. Yamamoto then begins to seize and consolidate power, killing nearly everyone who gets in his way, until he finally crosses the wrong group. American actor Omar Epps also stars, as a member of little brother's crew who becomes Yamamoto's top lieutenant. Takeshi is a rather singular presence. His acting style can most easily be compared to a cross between Clint Eastwood and Jack Webb, but it's really something wholly his own. His directing and editing can take some getting used to, but all in all, I found it to be…well, not pleasant, but interesting. I hope to see more of Takeshi's previous work, as well as more U.S.-based work from him.

Today's Link Of The Day is the best site of President-bashing online. Gwbush.com gained some renown when then-Governor G. W. Bush tried unsuccessfully to get the site shut down. When told it was considered a First Amendment issue, Governor Bush uttered the famous, bone-chilling words, "Sometimes there ought to be limits on freedom." Since then, gwbush.com has been distributing anti-Bush rhetoric (and products) with terrific zeal. (If there are any Bush supporters reading this-and as far as I know, I don't think there are-have a sense of humor about it.) Take a look. http://www.gwbush.com

7/29/2001 5:55 AM

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