Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

July 29, 2001

Slept 'til 3:20 after the morning's activities.

I've currently got a loaf of "Cinnamon-Apple-Raisin" bread in the machine. We'll see how it turns out-I played with the ingredients a bit (I don't have any walnut oil, for example, so in goes butter). Nothing else, it will probably smell good.

Dad's having a couple of procedures done tomorrow and he should be out by 1PM. Their vacation looks safe (which means my life is good starting Friday at 5:48 PM).

IMDb.com's Movie/TV Quote of the Day is from "Billy Madison" (the principal's tirade ending with "and may God have mercy on your soul"). Woo!

Saw "Cats & Dogs", directed by Lawrence Guterman. It was pleasant, but I'd have difficulty recommending it. (And before you ask: I grew up in a house with a St. Bernard. So I don't just like dogs, I like BIG dogs.) It's pretty standard family fare, with a few really great jokes toward the end, but it left me a little empty. Besides, any live action family/kids movie this year has the unfortunate circumstance of being compared to the utterly amazing "Spy Kids", which still currently stands as my choice for the second-best movie of the year so far (no, I'm not going to just tell you what #1 is).

Today's Link Of The Day is conspire.com, web home for the authors of "The 70 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time". It's a great repository of conspiracy-stuff, including evidence both for and against. And it's fun to just wander through, looking at the odd things people will believe (some of them people you may even know-my mother, for example, is certain the moon landings were faked). Anyway, take a look: http://www.conspire.com

7/30/2001 3:20 AM

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