Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
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bdar has transmitted The Interview Meme.

Rules are as follows: You comment on this entry requesting an interview. I respond with five questions. The questions will theoretically be tailored to you based on what I know of you (or want to know). You copy and paste those questions into your own journal, and write the answers, along with these rules. Anyone wanting an interview from you continues the game by requesting an interview from you.

Five Questions From Bilal

1) Name five musical acts from any point in the last 100 years that you would like to see or wish you had seen perform live.

1) Nirvana. From when they were touring behind "In Utero" in late '93, one one of the nights when Kurt was clean and everything was right with the world.

2) The Velvet Underground. The most influential American band ever. Preferably from the time when Nico was still with them, meaning it would have been circa 1966, I think.

3) Enrico Caruso. The man most responsible for the rise of recorded music worldwide. I'd like to see what the fuss was about in his own time.

4) Arturo Toscanini conducting the NBC Orchestra on Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Circa 1950. My dad had it on tape, I bought it for him on CD, and it always, always gives me goosebumps. Toscanini was the best conductor ever, and the NBC Orchestra was the musical equivalent of an All-Star team: the top musicians from the top orchestras in the world.

5) (The first four came very quickly. This one took thinking--in fact, I did the rest of it and came back to this.) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Preferably doing some of their older material, but really, it's all terrific.

2) In your opinion, what is the single most odious social ill facing the world population?

The fact that there is so damn much world population. The way I see it, we're all already living on top of each other and as population rises, that's only going to get worse. Couple with that the ongoing opposition on so many (primarily religious1) fronts to birth control education and things will continue to sprial downward.

3) What occupation, professional or otherwise, would you most like to have?

The easier, perhaps more obvious, choice is newspaper film critic, because I see so damn much and I have opinions on it all. However, writing is akin to childbirth for me (incredibly painful and difficult and something I need a lot of time to recover from before I can attempt it again), so I'd have to say...

Film director. Someone with a mid-line career--perhaps not someone's favorite director, but someone whose work is respected both inside the industry2 and by the moviegoer who knows a little something. The name I keep thinking of for comparison is Curtis Hanson, but maybe with a giant stoopid summer action movie thrown in for good measure. Maybe a slightly less precious Tim Burton. Someone like that--especially if I can get an appearance on Conan O'Brien out of it.

4) You would most like to know the answer to which currently unsolved mystery before you die?

Why did Delight become Delirium?

5) What word or words do you believe are most likely to be used when others are asked to describe you?

Big. Loud. Smart. Nice. Curmudgeon. Sad.3 Crazy.

That was fun.

1 Ask me at some point about the secret evil of Mother Teresa (if you don't already know).

2 "Don't say 'the industry', Donald."

3 "Sad" both in the sense of there being a sadness to me, and as a description of the way my life has gone.

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