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January 16th, 2004

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03:59 pm
Yanking from somebodystrange and bdar...

Copy the last sentence from the last ten of your Friends' entries:

(Please note that this does not include Friends-protected entries.)

1) I wish somebody had written "ar arg argh!" in mine.
2) Hm. Strangely poignant in its chaos, I think.
3) Fmmmppmpp ffmppffmf pppmppfpffmp Ppmppfpppmpmmmmffm!
4) I'm going Neo-Whig, baby!
5) ar arg argh!
6) I'm very psyched about this.
7) 5. I have a new favorite "whoops-I-was-off-one-key" typo: Superherpes.
8) As I lay in bed all day, I was haunted by the phantom sound of Windows booting and rebooting, though there was no computer nearby.
9) Oh Gott, Jens! I found it! The Heino Worship Page
10) Having just been cursed out by an idiot on the phone, and being completely able to brush it off, I have to say: Mozzer, you were dead wrong on that part.

I know (and know of) interesting people.

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Date:January 17th, 2004 12:46 am (UTC)
happy birthday

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