Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

Oscar nominee coverage:

First and foremost, an expression of disappointment that there was no recognition for The Magdalene Sisters.

Best Picture: Return of the King will win. The fix is in. (Guilty confession time: I have yet to see it. This weekend.)
My preference is that Master and Commander win, but it's pretty doomed, even if the year had been Lord of the Rings-less.
Happy (but not surprised) to see Lost in Translation pick up a nomination.
Mystic River left me cold. It didn't seem, to me, that there was a lot of there there.
And WHAT THE HELL is Seabiscuit doing on this list? I mean, really.
Oh, and Harvey Weinstein has probably already executed someone for the fact that Cold Mountain didn't get nominated (which ends Miramax's Best Picture nominee streak that's run since 1992's The Crying Game).

Best Director: Peter Jackson will win, and he probably should. Even though the first two movies have done nothing for me, really, the whole series is such an achievement technically that to have Jackson go through the whole process unhonored would be a shame.
Sofia Coppola, repeat after me: "It's an honor just ot be nominated." She'll be back, and at this time I can't think of anyone else who's more likely to be the first woman to win Best Director.
Recognition for...

...more later.

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