Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

August 3, 2001

Much thanks to all who responded to my entry of last night. Your thoughts mean a lot.

Nothing one-tenth as earth-shattering today.

Got the 'rents off to vacation without much incident, though I do wish to relay this: My dad's out of the wheelchair (praise the gods) and is walking on a cane right now. When the preboarding for his flight was called, he had to fight through a crowd at the gate to get to the door. There was a large group of (perhaps 15) U. S. Navy sailors waiting at the gate. My dad had to go through them, and he said "Excuse me" to one of them. Another one called out "Shipmates, one side!"…and suddenly there was an aisle wide enough to bowl in for him to pass through. I was genuinely impressed and touched by this, and I wish to thank those sailors for their small bit of kindness. Even for someone who lists "sedition" as a fun personality quirk, it was a moment that made me proud of the military and proud of the U. S.

From O'Hare, I went on to a far-flung suburb to visit a friend I say I don't see often, and really I don't, owing to the far-flung nature of his location, but, oddly, this was the second time I've seen him since I started keeping this little timebomb of strangeness. This time was different in that his lovely girlfriend/companion/sweet baboo (we really need to come up with better terms for these people) joined us for the evening. We too in a showing at the local cinema, I introduced them to the amazing wonders of "Iron Chef", much talk was made, and (I think) much fun was had by all.

Speaking of cinema, I saw "Rush Hour 2", directed by Brett Ratner. It was fun and funny, worth seeing, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan being so good at what they do, but…I saw an 8:25 show and I've already forgotten most of it. 12 hours from now I'll be hard-pressed to remember if I saw it at all. There's not a whole lot that hasn't been seen before (there a couple of elements that remind me rather unfortunately of "Lethal Weapon 4"), but while you're in the theatre, you'll have a good time.

Big birthday greetings to Adam Rettberg and his inamorata, Amy Dickerson. Happy 24th, kids.

Today's Link Of The Day is an attempt to strike back at the humor-impaired spearheads of the animal rights movement. If you disagree with the politics, forgive me, but I think they need what they're getting here. Go investigate http://www.petasucks.cc

8/4/2001 3:53 AM

(Server issues last night prevented prompt posting.)

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