Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

Nowhere to go, and nothing to do when I get there.

This was the itinerary of my last four days:

FRIDAY: With no desire to see "Van Helsing", work until 11:30PM.

SATURDAY: Sit around the house. Buy comics. Back to sitting around the house. Dinner with the parents, in advance of Mother's Day. After dinner, return home. Read, watch some TV, fuck around online. Don't go anyplace.

SUNDAY: Read newspaper. Run to pharmacy, pick up prescription. Go to Home Depot with father, contemplate various words that end with the suffix "-cide". Return home. Read more, more TV, more onlineness. Again, don't go anyplace.

MONDAY: Work until 6. Return home. Read newest Entertainment Weekly cover to cover. Read another 120 pages in current novel. Sign online. Complain.

There you go. All the fun of being grounded with out the bonus of having done something naughty first.

Bah. This is the worth of my complaint:


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