Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

I don't know what to do here any more.

I haven't had a really original thought in months, it seems. I've got probably a half-dozen entries begun, posted to "Private", but never completed and released for general viewing. I do that to make sure the code, links and images &c., is all correct. But my thinking usually peters out, the entry is never completed and, though it was fine in the moment, the moment is past, and forgotten about.

I've thought--more often than you'd think--about shuttering this thing completely, keeping it around only to comment on passing entries of other people.

How long would it take anyone to notice?

I think some part of it is this house. I could be neck-deep in thoughts at work, or on the road, or whatever, but the second I walk through the door...it's not so much the bursting of a balloon, as by a pin; rather, it's a sudden outrush of air, quiet and over in an instant, and I no longer have the energy/will to do/say much of anything.

Can't get out, shouldn't really stay. What to do?

There's allegory here, if you want.

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