Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

Flinging myself headlong into shameless sheepism: as seen from bdar and serendipidy, it's...

Year-In-Review Meme
"Take the first sentence of your first post of each month of 2004. That's your year in review."

(As a bonus, clicking on each month's name will send you to that entry.)

January: I'm the opposite of Hitler!
February: If anybody needs me, I'll be in bed, waiting for tomorrow to go away.
March: Robert Redford. It's Robert Redford's voice in the United commercial.
April: Go read this.
May: Peel your eyes this way, people.
June: There may, in fact, be a God.
July: It's July 4.
August: Category V - The Lone Wolf
September: It's come to my attention that I'm not generating content any more.
October: Hasselhoff, you mad genius!
November: Well, I'm done.
December: I don't know what to do here any more.

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