Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

August 10, 2001

Gotta be quick tonight.

The 'rents were supposed to come in tonight at 9. So I set things up so that I could go from "American Pie 2", then go straight from the theatre to the airport. Note the use of the words "supposed to". I went to the movie, then to the airport…only to discover that their flight had been, you guessed it, cancelled. ARGH. And I know, I know, I should have called the airline before going up to the airport, but I didn't. So feh.

Saw "American Pie 2", directed by J. B. Rogers. Quite simply, if you liked the first one (and I did, a lot), you'll like this one (and I did, a lot). The entire cast from the first movie returns, though a couple of actors had their screen time limited and were obviously also working on other projects (Natasha Lyonne, I'm looking in your direction). There are interesting, if expected, developments, and a couple of happenings that are pure surprise. And there is ha-ha. In one or two instances, it touched, unfortunately on the "humor" that marked Rogers's last picture, "Say It Isn't So!", but for the most part, it's the same affectionate torment that marked the first film. I recommend it.

Today's Link Of The Day is, in an odd sort of ridiculous-to-sublime, The Criterion Collection. Criterion distributes DVDs of "a continuing series of classic and important contemporary films". Criterion titles are usually packed with amazingly informative supplemental material, and they're an especially good source for foreign titles (including "The Seven Samurai" and "The Seventh Seal" as well as many other things that don't even involve the number "seven" in the title). The discs are uniformly excellent. Nose around the site and find out. http://www.criterionco.com

8/11/2001 2:13 AM

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