Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

August 11, 2001

Looooooooong day.

Up at 6AM to get to O'Hare in time to pick up the 'rents from their 6:43 flight from Pittsburgh. Find them on time, then discover their luggage is missing. As in, who knows where it is. As in, go home, and we'll deliver it to you.

So we roll back into the house at about 8:30. M goes upstairs to sleep since she has, for some reason, scheduled herself to go into work today. P & I stay downstairs and discuss the Cubs' roster moves for a while, before we each grab some couch and a few ZZZ. We both finally come to full awakeness gain around 11, by which time M has already left. They are supposed to go to a wedding tonight, which requires that P get taken to dialysis early. There's some more drama, including a trip to play Grunt, the nonverbal moving guy and a tearful plea for "Can I please get some help around the house?", but there's too much background there. Let's just say that what they thought of the vacation depends on whom you talk to.

Finally get them out to their wedding, then I semi-disassemble my computer (well, I remove the monitor for transport) and head off to a LAN gathering for an evening of exploding things (which is what I needed the monitor for, and which prompted the line "I'm used to carrying 17 inches, but this is ridiculous!"). Which was fun, if small (through no fault of anyone), and went on for a good long time. Which is why I sit here now, after 5AM, typing this up.

Today's Link Of The Day is a big long list of buttons. I'm not sure how many, if any, are still available, I'm not sure how many you'll like, I'm not even sure where I got the link from. But I think most of them are damn funny. Now if only they'd add ""Just because I have a penis doesn't mean that I'm a dick." http://www.thibault.org/io/Buttons.txt

8/12/2001 5:07 AM

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