Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

OK, so part of my prize from my bar trivia league, in addition to the big cash award (which I exchanged for goods and services), was an outing to a Sox game, sitting in one of the mega-awesome suites.

The game chosen was this Friday, August 5, against Seattle.  Plan is, arrive at the bar around 4:30ish, get on a bus, ride to the park, watch the game (7:05 start), bus back to the bar, drive home, fun for all.

Obviously, this would require that I leave work early, around 3:45, i.e., before normal closing.

So I figure, hey, I'll get Bryan the Saturday guy to cover for me.  No biggie, he did it earlier in the month so I could go to a wedding.

Here we reach the problem. The Wizard World Chicago comics convention is this weekend. Bryan will be attending said show--as a fan, not working it like I will be on Saturday--on Friday. As such, he will be unable to fill in for me. (I considered pulling rank on him, but ultimately decided against it, mostly because I had doubts about its efficacy.) Additionally, virtually every other “extra” employee in the chain will be...you guessed it, working at the show. Closing the store early is not an option, either, as such things are simply Not Done.

Short version, I'm not going to the game. And I’m madder than a bastard on Father’s Day.

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