June 17th, 2001


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June 16, 2001

Busybusy day.

At the hospital today, I passed a door marked "Heart Failure Coordinator's Office". I didn't realize that heart failure was something coordinated-I always thought it was more or less a unilateral decision on the part of the body.

Saw "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", directed by Simon West. It's…95 minutes of light through celluloid. I wouldn't go so far as to actually call it "bad", but it's very dumb, and riddled with inconsistencies. (Perhaps the oddest inconsistency is that Jon Voight is pretty much unbelievable as Angelina Jolie's father.) It's handled deftly, to be sure, but there are strange things going on here. Still, it will likely make a pile of money and spawn a sequel or three.

Also today: mowing, cleaning, some tech support, and the transportation of a watermelon across a town line.

(For all of you wondering why I congratulated the Colorado Avalanche on winning a championship and not the Los Angeles Lakers, I respond: because they're the Lakers. Congrats to Shaq, though, for picking up the Finals MVP.)

Today's Link Of The Day is from the "Don't Try To Explain It" file. http://www.cdsusa.com/

6/17/2001 3:45 AM