June 18th, 2001


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June 17, 2001

I've found this works better if I'm not trying to chat while doing it. So we'll see how I do tonight.

Dad's getting sicker-now it looks like he's got some kind of other, bodily infection. He's going to have more surgery tomorrow.

Mom's home. I think going to the funeral was good for her. Of course, this now means I get the creeping terrors.

Saw "Swordfish", by Dominic Sena. WOW. I enjoyed this one greatly. I enjoyed the single/double/triple/quadruple crosses the script makes. There's some terrific camera work-I LIKE the oversaturated color-and the acting was good enough for the material. And digs taken at Carnivore will always score points.

That was awfully truncated, wasn't it. I'll be better in the future, I promise.

Right now there's a pain that's taken up residence behind my left eye. I'm gonna go see if I can sleep it off.

Today's link of the day is The Digital Bits, which is, to my mind, THE top source for DVD news & reviews online. Find it at http://www.thedigitalbits.com/

6/18/2001 3:40 AM