June 19th, 2001


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June 18, 2001

Dad's surgery went off without incident.

I managed to get back in touch with the only real emotion available to me any more-that's right, it's our old friend UNDILUTED RAGE! Here's the deal: I was sent on what was more or less a wild-goose-chase, looking for a desk for our kitchen. I get home, report back that I found nothing useful (I was told to check such well-known furniture retailers as TJ Maxx and Linens & Things-and I did, to make sure I couldn't be asked if I hadn't), I was given a lecture on how I'm not looking hard enough for a job, and sometimes you need to step back to take two steps forward, and other assorted bullshit…AAAAAAUGH!!!!!!

(Please realize the above is my own rather skewed view of the situation. Others may tell you that I was simply given some prodding to restart a seemingly stalled search. They'd be wrong, and besides, it's my damned journal.)

So I spent a lot of time today pissed off. Time spent quietly reading "American Tabloid" (loveitloveitLOVEIT) helped balance that rage.

Sigh…anyway, that was the high point of my day. Beyond that, I drank much orange Kool-Aid (for all flavors are good, but all fall short of the glory of orange).

If you're reading this on Tuesday, June 19, 2001, then drop Kathy Thygesen (soon to be Stanek) a Happy 23rd Birthday e-mail at kathythygesen@hotmail.com. Especially if you don't know who she is.

Today's Link Of The Day is the newly-launched NeilGaiman.com. Neil is, of course, the writer behind the terribly fabulous "Sandman" series of comics. His new novel is released today. It's entitled "American Gods". Anyway, go explore. http://www.neilgaiman.com

6/19/2001 3:07 AM