November 7th, 2001


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November 6, 2001

This question comes in from a regular reader: "Is it better to think the world is great while you're young, and then be disappointed, or to grow up knowing the world is crap, and have a jump on the game?"

I, for myself, choose the "world is crap" option. Disappointment is just about the worst thing in the world, especially when hopes have been raised (thus the logic behind the axiom "There's a reason hope was in that box"-and if you're asking "What box?"…Greek mythology, it's nifty, it is).

I'm sorry if that seemed a bit snippy. It's late, and I'm in an odd mood.

How many times can one get smacked down by life before being allowed to say "enough" and stay down?

I'm only about 25 pages into Michael Chabon's "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay" and I can tell why it won last year's Pulitzer for fiction. There's so much joy in the language. I've got one of Chabon's short story collections scurrying around my room as well, I'll probably pick it up after the David McCullough "John Adams" which has kindly been loaned to me. Still haven't cracked open "American Gods" yet, either.

Today's Link Of The Day is, for reasons I will never satisfactorily be able to explain, Cooking with Bigfoot. Trust me, it's worth seeing.

11/7/2001 4:11 AM