February 22nd, 2002


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February 21, 2002

I got a call at about 11:20 this morning from P, who was at the hospital for dialysis…or so we thought. As he was sitting down, the nurse noticed that his heart was beating at twice its normal rate. They listened to it a couple of different ways, and told him it go to the ER. So he went, and that was why he called me. He's resting comfortably now, and is expected to be out by Sunday. Apparently the condition can be controlled with drugs.

The murder of Daniel Pearl will make many peoples' lives very difficult. None moreso than his not-yet-born child.

Because I was sitting in the ER with P, I got to go into work late (by nearly 4 hours). So that wasn't so bad.

Sadly, the delay also meant I didn't get to call Spain like I was going to. Nuts.

Today's Link Of The Day is a fun little bit about nuclear contamination and ingenuity. It makes me mad that I never had a chemistry set growing up. http://www.findarticles.com/cf_0/m1111/n1782_v297/21281407/print.jhtml

2/22/2002 3:03 AM