March 6th, 2002


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March 5, 2002

Starting tonight when I finished last night.

Goddammit, I'm pissing myself off. I put these entries off until it's too late for me to remember much of anything for the day, and then I talk about how I have nothing. (The fact that nothing interesting happens in my life is, at best, ancillary.) I used to be full of interesting thoughts and ideas that would stretch the length of these missives. Now, not so much.

Oh, this is something. I volunteered to be the pick-up guy for the election in two weeks. (I'm serving as an election judge.) This volunteering, in addition to adding a little extra something to my check, also gives me the unofficial (and, honestly, rather dubious) title of Head Judge for the precinct. Yay me.

I bought "A.I." on DVD today. It is packaged strangely.

Today's Link Of The Day is something that causes me to further downgrade my opinion of humanity. There's just so much dumb going on here.

3/6/2002 3:35 AM