May 2nd, 2002


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May 1, 2002

I baked a cake tonight.

A Jell-o Poke Cake, to be exact. (The cake itself is simply white cake mix and vanilla instant pudding; after that has baked and cooled, one repeatedly pierces the cake, and then pours freshly-mixed-but-not-yet-set Jell-o over it. The Jell-o soaks into the cake, and the cake is chilled for four hors or overnight, and it is topped with fresh whipped cream. It's really good, better than its somewhat lurid name would indicate, and I hope this one turns out well-for the record, I used strawberry Jell-o.)

I also heard the new Eminem song, "Without Me", today. And damn it all if that little bastard didn't do it again-it's equal parts hilarious and horrifying (and, of course, horrifying for its hilariousness and vice versa).

There was pizza at work today. Pizza is good, and the stuff they got today was particularly so. Work was not good, but hey, it's just work.

Today's Link Of The Day is located at, so it should come as no surprise that it requires Flash. Someone referred to it as a "Bejeweled killer", and I think that someone was right. Go play Collapse. Betcha can't play just once.

5/2/2002 3:40 AM