May 4th, 2002


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May 3, 2002

I am bliss.

I wasn't planning to be.

Hell, I woke up nine kinds of pissed and spent a lot of time that way this morning, until…

Well, let me tell the first part of the story: I crawled into bed at about 4:30AM last night. At 7:37 I was awakened with M at my door, "Can you find me a list of the horses in then Kentucky Derby? I want to bring it to school to teach the kids about betting and I need it by 9:30" (paraphrase-apparently she gave them each a free homework pass to use as betting capital). So I hop online and grab both the list of horses and the notes of's handicapper, format them up all nice, and print them out (it's now 8:15). Which is when I discover that she LEFT THE GODDAMN HOUSE! Anyway, after participating in a conversation (typed, online) which involved my use of the word "fuck" no less than 18 times in two minutes, I drove to her school and hand-delivered the information. I then left under a cloud in search of breakfast. While drowning my sorrows in fresh-squeezed orange juice and pancakes, I found that which has me all blessed-out:

"Star Wars Episode II tickets on sale NOW".

I have five for 12:01AM May 16. Nothing's gonna bring me down today.

Which is a good thing, because there were two occurrences that certainly tried: the first is that P is still in the hospital and will probably be for a few more days. They still don't know what's going on with him, and the pain (undimmed by any painkiller they throw at him) is so bad he can't lie still long enough to get the CT scan he needs. Not good at all.

The other thing that tried to bring me down was that I saw "Spider-Man", directed by Sam Raimi. I wanted to like it. I SHOULD like it. I am the target demo, after all. It's just…I think it's typified by the fact that Spider-Man barely talked. Additionally, the action scenes...well, have you ever seen a movie where the characters are watching a movie, and the movie they're watching is a massive parody of some well-known film/genre? A lot of this felt like watching that parody. I thought the camera moves were WAY too unnecessarily showy. Some of the superimposed editing was annoying, the FX scenes felt tacked-on…but I want to do a fuller review elsewhere, so I'll stop there.

Today's Link Of The Day is, for reasons of inscrutability and exigency, a do-it-yourself Periodic Table page.

5/4/2002 2:42 AM