May 8th, 2002


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May 7, 2002

I'm still feeling depressed and, oddly, guilty about the fact that I didn't much like "Spider-Man". Is it something in my perception? Is it something wrong with me?

I discovered, in an odd bit of "Six Degrees of Separation", that I am two (or so, depending on how you count) degrees away from Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma/Myanmar. (One of my co-workers lived in the area for a time, working for the U.S. Foreign Service.)

In today's boredom aversion techniques, I spent time today trying to list all the plays of William Shakespeare and all the books of Stephen King. That worked…for a while.

The project may be extend through next week, which is goodish news for me, I suppose-it means income will continue, which ain't bad. To be on the safe side, I put in to have next Thursday off anyway.

Today's Link Of The Day is something I haven't actually tried, but which comes very highly recommended. Go play "Smiley Needs a Pint" and tell me what I'm missing.

5/8/2002 3:55 AM