May 10th, 2002


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May 9, 2002

Damn it all.

I have nothing to say, AGAIN.

I went to work (which blew-it seems Massachusetts and Georgia were colluding on which of their residents could hang up on me more).

P is still in intensive care, but it's "precautionary"-he's been put on a drug which requires round-the-clock monitoring, and there's no better place for that than the ICU.

I recently saw a toothbrush commercial which claimed "65% of cavities occur in back teeth". This made me wonder: how close is that to being a statistic along the lines of "20% of sick days occur on Friday"?

Today's Link Of The Day is HubbleSite. It's loaded with amazing photography and information from and about the Hubble Space Telescope. Go look for yourself.

5/10/2002 12:30 PM