May 13th, 2002


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May 12, 2002

Well, Mother's Day went of pretty much without a hitch, home-wise. M loved her presents and card, which ultimately makes my life easier.

Work, however, was unalloyed hell. I nearly quit within the first hour, out of protest for the fact that we interviewers we being forced to do work that would end up with us getting abused (this period of near-resignation came after three consecutive people scolded me for cold-calling on Mother's Day). The worst of it was that I agreed with them, we shouldn't have been calling. I ended up just making some snide comments in the notes for cases, which was small relief, at best.

I'm sure I had other thoughts today, but I just can't remember them. This is what happens when I wear a shirt without a pocket.

Oh, this is something: a couple of weeks ago I'm pretty sure I complained that the Christmas lights that ring the ceiling of my room had gone out. Well, lo and behold, the have returned to life. I don't know why they stopped working, and I don't know why they started again, I'm just happy to have them back. Remember, when it works, don't question it.

Today's Link Of The Day is the Lost City of DeMille. It's about the excavation of the "City of the Pharaohs" set from Cecil B. DeMille's original, silent 1932 version of "The Ten Commandments", and how this set was found buried in the California desert some 60 years later.

5/13/2002 3:59 AM