May 18th, 2002


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May 17, 2002

Commerce-a-plenty today—comics (woo!) and 1-2-3 DVDs (“Jerry Maguire”, “From Hell”, and the original Norwegian-Swedish “Insomnia”, Criterion-riffic) and new CDs from Moby and Weezer and a couple of books and magazines and a haircut.

Also drove around a bit crazily looking for stuff to bring to P (who looks like it’ll be about three weeks before he gets out).

Later, I played an aggravatingly fun game called TriBond with terrific people and watched “Insomnia”, which should translate very well in the upcoming American remake.

Today's Link Of The Day is the Electric Amish. Fulfilling all your Mennonite rock needs, the Indiana-based Electric Amish bring beards and bicycles to entertainment fun.

5/18/2002 3:50 AM