May 23rd, 2002


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May 22, 2002

Back to me being boring today.

I continue to be frustrated about the amount I continue to not do with the time I have. Dammit, I've still got three entries to write, so why can't I just get them fuckin' done?

I watched the season finale of "24" today. That was/is, far and away, my favorite new show of the year, and I'm ridiculously happy that it's coming back next year.

I'm probably too sleepy to be doing this tonight, but I want to get it done before heading to bed, or else I might get caught in another delay cycle.

P apparently has "June 6" circled on his calendar as his "get out of the hospital" date, but, rather encouragingly, I'll be going tomorrow to learn how to get him in and out of the car for a daylong pass on Sunday.

Today's Link Of The Day is a warning to the future. I wonder if there are carvings written in, like, Minoan Linear A, on what are now archaeological sites in Crete, saying something like "Do not enter this room, evil spirits are trapped herein". Probably not, but still…

5/23/2002 2:51 AM