June 4th, 2002


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June 3, 2002

Gap? What gap?

Yeah, I took some time off. I needed it-I was very close to utter burnout. But now I'm back babbling into the keys.

P will be coming home on Wednesday. We have had a wheelchair ramp installed to ease his entry.

Lack of work still sucks, but I think my tax refund came through so I've got some money.

I'm getting back on the writing horse, really I am. I can't promise quality, but, dammit, the quantity will return.

But right now, I need to shut down-thunderstorms are rolling across the land.

Today's Link Of The Day is Peter David's site. Peter David is a writer of stuff. He's pretty good at it, too. http://www.peterdavid.net

6/4/2002 3:21 AM