August 8th, 2003


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Geek check.

I was wondering tonight how many continuing monthly comics series I get each month.

Not counting the myriad miniseries, one-shots, and trade paperbacks, the number is...


At least that's all I can remember.

Don't do the math. The math hurts.

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A line from Michael Miner's Hot Type column in this week's Chicago Reader. "Mariotti and Telander" are Jay Mariotti and Rick Telander, lead sports columnists #1 and #1A at the Chicago Sun-Times.

"This wasn't the first time. I've been told of a Bulls playoff game in Washington several years ago when Mariotti and Telander screamed at each other so loudly and publicly that Vice President Al Gore and his Secret Service detail stopped to watch."

That made me laugh for a long, long time.