June 24th, 2004


(no subject)

Following is a copy of an e-mail I just sent to Senator John Breaux (D-LA), the only Senator to vote against the bill to raise indecency fines.
Senator Breaux, I just wanted to compliment you for voting against the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act. Attaching it to the Defense Authorization Act was (and is) a ridiculous bit of political pandering done so the sponsors could ensure (near) unanimity; I applaud your act of conscience to speak against it.

I'm not sure of your feelings on he larger issue of "broadcast decency" (and, as someone who's not a resident of Louisiana, I don't know how much weight my opinion has with you), but I would like to say that broadcast decency itself seems borderline silly as a political cause, something that will make some hay with voters to keep them distracted from larger issues the Senate should be worried about--speaking for myself, I don't care what variety of naughty conduct I see on television, I'm more worried about not having health insurance.

In any case, thank you again for your "no" vote, and I will follow your career from the suburbs of Chicago.

cc: Senator Richard Durbin, (D-IL); Senator Peter Fitzgerald (R-IL); Obama for Illinois campaign headquarters; Chicago Tribune letters page
If I get any feedback, I'll post it here.