June 7th, 2008


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So back before my birthday, when I was merely sneaking up on decrepitude instead of experiencing it second by agonizing second as I am now, I had an idea.

Using my vast accumulated repository of recorded sounds, I selected one song from each year I have been alive. The rules:
  • No covers.
  • Limit one song per artist.
  • All songs are to be selected sincerely, with neither irony or sarcasm intended.
This resulted in 2 CDs worth of material, which I distributed to selected friends and cognoscenti.

Having disseminated the last of the copies last night, I figured it was time to let you, the public, into my world. What follows are the track listings for the CDs, along with selected commentary on each song.

Collapse )

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So that's that. Any thoughts? Questions?

If you were pulling together one of these for yourself, what would it look like?