Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

August 21, 2001


Work again…I'm descending into a pattern already. I should survive it. And…mmmm…money.

"Nostril" is a great word.

Something I said as part of a conversation I had today with someone who's dealing with a relationship situation: Good luck, dear. There will be resolution. And either everyone will be happy, or no one will, and when it leaves you cold, you can take warmth in the thought that at least there's someone else who's been made just as miserable as you about the whole thing.

I like it. It's helpful and supportive while showing my usual level of emotionalism.

(At some point, we'll discuss the inherent comedy of me handing out relationship advice.)

Today's Link Of The Day is George Carlin. What can be said? So goddamn funny. And smart. And trailblazing, and etc, etc, etc. Just go look: http://www,georgecarlin.com

8/22/2001 2:08 AM

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