Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

So I've figured out the process for the semi-ongoing-Philip-Roth-not-really-a-project-project:
  1. I read a Roth book;
  2. I read a "detox" book--something borderline light-n-fluffy, preferably nonfiction, preferably by a woman;
  3. I read a "penance" book--a novel written by a woman;
  4. I read something (perhaps two somethings) unaligned to any theme;
  5. Cycle repeats with another Roth.
I just finished the trifecta of Portnoy's Complaint-Assassination Vacation-Lives of Girls and Women. I'm on His Excellency: George Washington, with Hey Nostradamus! and American Pastoral in the wings. Still, I need more books by women. boldmoves, you've been conspicuously silent...

Confidential to spygrl1: I find myself unsold on Alice Munro. I understand why she seems to concentrate on short stories--Lives of Girls and Women really isn't so much a novel as an anthology of stories that all happen to be about the same character(s). Additionally, I didn't get the feeling that a whole lot happened, particularly in the first half of the book. But that's me; perhaps I'll give Runaway a try down the road.

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