Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

Well, bdar did it, then loosestrudel did it, and then I did it last night but screwed something up so no one noticed it, but anyway...

Allan Sherman (149)1
Belle & Sebastian (94)
Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet (32)2
David Bowie (54)3
Elvis Costello (44)
Fountains Of Wayne (72)
Green Day (58)
Harvey Danger (23)
Iggy Pop (15)
Johnny Cash (53)
Korn (55)3
Liz Phair (57)3
Marilyn Manson (107)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (96)3
The Orb (24)4,5
Pearl Jam (123)
Queens of the Stone Age (11)
R.E.M. (44)3
Smashing Pumpkins (66)3
Tool (38)6
U2 (107)
The Velvet Underground (51)3
Weezer (70)
XTC (32)3
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (24)7
Zero 7 (1)8

1All of these are from a recently-released (and borrowed by me) boxed set. Allan Sherman, of course, is best known for the classic song parody "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)". Leaving aside Mr. Sherman, the winner would be Alice In Chains with a rather paltry 32.
2These are all taken from (and, indeed, comprise the entirety of) the soundtrack to the film Requiem for a Dream.
3Were I to rip my remaining CDs of the named artist, this figure would increase.
4If I ripped all the as yet unprocessed Oasis and Offspring CDs in my collection, one or the other would likely take the top spot.
5There is an additional problem here with the vagaries of the iTunes nomenclature system, viz. collaborative tracks featuring a guest artist do not necessarily fall under the same heading as tracks by the primary artist alone (e.g. "The Way You Move", from Speakerboxxx credited to "Outkast featuring Sleepy Brown" and therefore separating itself from the larger category of "Outkast").5a
5aYet another problem is presented by the fact that iTunes lists The Love Below (which, as we all know, was the other part of a double album with Speakerboxxx) as being the work of Andre 3000 and not Outkast. Ultimately all these factors devolve the entire "O" issue into the sort of hairsplitting and accusations that require teams of attorneys and a couple of Sherpas to resolve fully. Best to let The Orb reign undisturbed with its disputed crown.

6Similar problems rear their ugly heads here; the full contingent of my Tori Amos CDs would probably easily take the crown, but the collaborative nature of the assorted works by Tricky, some of which are also as yet unripped do nothing but muddy up the waters.
7This figure actually increased halfway through compiling of this list, when I took a break and came back with their new CD.
8This one song is from the Garden State soundtrack.


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