Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

This one’s for everyone who ever said they’d listen to what I have to say about movies: time to put your money (or at least your ears) where your mouth is.

The Harvey & Bob Show is on the air!

El’Ahrai Stanek and I have started a podcast talking about movies, and more movies, and other movies. I teased it a little bit here a few weeks ago, and I’ve mentioned it to some of you in person, but now we’re really open for business. We’ve got four episodes online now, each about half an hour, and here’s the big thing:

Click here to subscribe through iTunes!

Direct downloads are also available at http://harveyandbob.random-reviews.com, and if you’ve got some non-iTunes feed aggregator, the link is http://harveyandbob.random-reviews.com/harveyandbobshow.xml.

I’m also going to be maintaining harveyandbob, using it as a place to announce when new shows go up and—hopefully—precipitate some discussion about the shows (at least until the first real build of our site happens), so add that to your friends list if you’d like.

And finally, a personal invitation/callout: loosestrudel and whatsinasurname, I specifically invite the two of you to listen to Episode 4.

I’m really proud of this one, folks. I hope we can keep it going and keep it interesting for you, the listeners.

Now get downloadin’!

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