Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

Hey, someone help me decide what the best part of my job is:
  1. The fact that I get to be back here at work tomorrow at 6AM1 to do inventory?
  2. The fact that they fucked up my first2 paycheck so now I get to be penniless until probably Wednesday, at the soonest?
  3. The fact that it looks very likely that I will also have to be back here Sunday3,4 morning, again at 6AM?3
  4. The literally toxic work environment, consisting as it does of forklift exhaust, microscopic bits of forklift tires flung into the air, oxygen-replacing gases5 (a form of propane) used to power the forklifts and the generally prisony vibe of the place?
Vote now!

1Instead of the usual 8AM.
2My first check as a full-time staff member here (I was hired on after working July-November as a temp).
4I know I've worked thirteen days in a row before, but that was doing something I loved. That's not the case here.
5The guy at the desk next to me was one of many who needed to be evacuated and given oxygen after a spill about a month ago, and he's a MARATHON RUNNER.
Tags: work

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