Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

August 29, 2001

Another boring day-perhaps even less exciting than yesterday. Though I'll say this: if you haven't yet, go check the comments from yesterday's entry. I went a little nuts at work. Go on, check. I'll just wait here, reading this grown-ups' newspaper.

No really great thoughts today. Not even the threat of great thoughts.

Happy birthday to someone who I'm not sure if I can name, even in pseudonym. If I refer to this person by their already-established-in-another-LJ pseudonym, I fear covers will be blown and I don't really want to do much to diminish this person's comfort level. So, happy birthday, you know who you are, and those around you know who you are, though they may not know you are who this greeting is directed at.

Wow. Mojo Sorkin strikes again.

Today's Link Of The Day is another one that's not for the overly religious. I mean, I doubt many of the overly religious (and when I say that, I'm looking in your direction, fundamentalist Christians) read this thing, at least not directly. Anyway, Jack T. Chick. Mr. Chick is a religious cartoonist. He writes and draws small (2 inch by 3) tracts which end up under windshield wipers, on park benches, etc. When I worked in bill payment we used to collect them because so many got sent along ("I'm paying my cable bill, but I want you to think about Jesus while you do it!") Anyway, they range from the blandly inoffensive ("This Was Your Life") to wildly insane rantings about the sinful nature of, like, everything. My favorite was the one that said AIDS was given to homosexuals by Satan because he hates humanity. The guy's a total nutter. You can read most-to-all of the tracts on the site. Go, enjoy, boggle: http://www.chick.com

8/30/2001 3:10 AM

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