Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

bdar has disseminated The Interview Meme.

Rules are as follows: You comment on this entry requesting an interview. I respond with five questions. The questions will theoretically be tailored to you based on what I know of you (or want to know). You copy and paste those questions into your own journal, and write the answers, along with these rules. Anyone wanting an interview from you continues the game by requesting an interview from you.

1) Name the fictional character you believe you are most like, and name the fictional character you believe you'd most prefer to be like.

These days? I'm probably most like some unholy spawn of Jay Sherman and Bruce Banner. As for whom I'd most prefer to be like...well, when I say Dr. Lecter, it tends to frighten people. Let's say Danny Ocean, the only guy cool enough to walk out of prison in a tux twice in one movie.

2) You're a person who gives very much of himself without expressly expecting something in return. What about this attitude did you find appealing when you first adopted it, and why do you maintain it now?


There are two answers to this. One's warm, fuzzy, and altruisticish, and one's needy, unattractive and somewhat credulity-straining1. Both are equally true.

A) I see no reason why I should have when those I care for do not. It's just how I'm wired. When there's something I know will make the people I care about happy, by God, I'll do what I can to make sure they get it. As I'm fond of saying, "It's only money. There'll be more on Friday (or next Friday)."

B) I hate myself constantly. (This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.) Because of that, I can't think of any reason why anyone would want to continue to like me, and because of THAT, I find it necessary to provide constant reasons for me to be on peoples' good side, and the easiest way to do that is to give people things.

Both of these have a connection to my (self-percieved) capacity for selfishness.

3) If you could go back in time, name one, and only one, American pop cultural staple/icon that you would attempt to derail before it blows up into a Thing.

I'd figure out a way to prevent the Spice Girls from hitting in the US. By empowering the wallets of pre- and early-teen girls in 1996, they opened the door for Britney, Xtina, etc, who in turn led to A) fucking American Idol and B) a world of image-over-talent best exemplified by the Worst Person on Earth2, Paris Hilton.

4) In your life over the past ten years, what has made you the most happy? This can be an event, an object, or however you choose to interpret it. Do you think that that same circumstance, object, etcetera, would make you happy over the next ten years?

Four things come immediatly to mind. In increasing order of difficulty-of-repetition:

A) Really good movies, like Amélie and Me and You and Everyone We Know and, most recently, The Departed.

B) Harvey and Bob. Perhaps easier to replicate than A, but...goddammit, I want more listeners.

C) Strutting around, screaming the words of Gordon Gano and Zach de la Rocha in key, knowing I've got that roomful of people in the palm of my hand.

D) Knowing I was going to get up in the morning and go to work at a job I loved, the perfect job for me, and I'd get to have a ridiculous amount of fun while doing it. GodDAMMIT, I miss Wednesdays.

5) What do you miss the most about your father?


About ten years ago, give or take, he realized that he couldn't tell me to do things any more, at least not things about my own life. Instead, he started offering advice and the ability to add a second set of eyes to a problem. I miss being able to ask him if something's a good idea.

Ask any follow-ups you'd like; they'll be answered below.

1 "I'd have thought you'd have liked that. It's a compound adjective. You like compound adjectives."

2 With apologies to Keith Olbermann.

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