Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

September 2, 2001

Raging, throbbing headache. Which is bad for me, but good for you because there's no way in hell I'm sleeping until the Aleve I took takes hold.

Today was divided into two parts. The first was spent with M (and, later, P) helping her set up her classroom for the (Tuesday) beginning of school. Thanks to construction, she has a new classroom so things needed to be moved around, plugged in, hung from the walls, etc. Dull work, Though I did cause a bit of a sensation when we discovered that, due to the absence of vinyl pads on the bottom of a chair, I was leaving lovely gouges in the surface of the (tile) floor. Whoopsie. Then there was good dinner, the first real meal I had in two days.

After that I went to a LAN gathering, and I discovered those types of things work a hell of a lot better with more than two people. Six seemed to be a good number. So I sat, bleary-eyed, at a computer for almost eight hours, blowing stuff up. I recommend it-it's terrifically therapeutic. Seeing people it's uncommon for me to see helped too.

And now this headache.

Today's Link Of The Day is about Nick Cave. How does one define Nick? "Gothic (in the traditional sense of the word) almost-bluesy dark, dark rock" comes close. Nick's is the voice I hear when I think of the Devil. Check out "Let Love In" or "Murder Ballads" to see what I mean. http://www.nickcave.com

9/3/2001 5:12 AM

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