Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

September 7, 2001

I sit here, bleary-eyed, trying to stay awake long enough to hold on to the memories of an event I really can't speak of without violating The Guy Code.

Much fun was had, much alcohol was consumed (by others), and I watched someone have the most exhilarating minutes of their life performing a song that's seemingly shockingly out of character.

Bought Gorillaz' self-titled debut and Tricky's "Blowback", my first CD purchases since mid-June.

My range apparently exists somewhere between "Like A Prayer" and "Girl, You'll Be A Woman, Soon".

Today's Link Of The Day is something I usually dislike. I'm not a big fan of anagrams, for the most part. Too much work. But the Internet Anagram Server takes all that work out for you. Woo! Go check: http://wordsmith.org/anagram/index.html

9/8/2001 4:51 AM

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