Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

September 8, 2001

All are recovered from last evening.

I am now in possession of-I've got it within arms reach of where I currently sit-a signed first edition copy of Neil Gaiman's "American Gods". There is an extra, added page between the first end page and the first title page. On this page are Neil's signature, the name of the book and a message noting that this is one of 5000 in a limited, signed edition (though, oddly, it's not numbered). The coolest bit about it, though, is that Neil has also drawn…well, I think it's a cat…the head of some kind of animal on the page.

Otherwise, oddly dull. Saw some people, ate some pizza, did some cleaning.

Happy 20th Jill!

Today's Link Of The Day is "A Prairie Home Companion". I admit it, there's little I like better than the Saturday lineup on WBEZ 91.5FM, my local NPR outlet. I've already covered "This American Life" in this space, and it's the gem, easily the best radio program of my lifetime (I've also already made mention of "The Annoying Music Show"), but the rest of the lineup (which I'll likely cover on future Saturdays) is fabulous as well. Capping the day is "A Prairie Home Companion", the would-be-venerable-and-longrunning-if-it-hadn't-been-for-the-stoppage-in-the-late-80s-and-early-90s music and variety show originating (usually) from St. Paul, Minnesota. Garrison Keillor, host and grand poobah of the whole thing is a terrific writer/storyteller, and his guests are always interesting. "PHC" was doing "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"-type music long before the Coen Brothers project got off the ground. It's just a magnificent piece of work, every week. Hit the site to learn the history and where/when to find it in your area. http://phc.mpr.org/

9/9/2001 4:13 AM

(Server issues last night prevented prompt posting.)

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