Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

September 9, 2001

Today was another of those fabulously dull Sundays where I don't leave the house.

Watched a lot of football. Is there a petition to be signed to prevent the Bears from ever wearing their white pants with their white jerseys again?

Since today was so deadly-dull (though I have a football-related bit which must wait until tomorrow), I've decided to steal the following poll/survey thing from her.

WALLET: Black leather trifold. Singularly uninteresting.
TOOTHBRUSH: I just, within the past four days, upgraded to a new model by Crest. I believe it bends in 74 different ways.
JEWELRY WORN DAILY: A Casio G-Shock DW-6100 wristwatch which hardly counts as jewelry because it's basically just a small, highly specialized computer. It tells time, temperature, and the hours of sunlight to expect today, as well as the approximate times for sunrise and sunset. It allows you to set your latitude and longitude to make sure you get an accurate reading. As a favorite author says, I love living in the future.
BLANKET: Navy blue bedspread thing. Mmmm…warm.
COFFEE CUP: I don't drink coffee. When I make tea, I put it in a Dilbert mug which has a vague Christmas theme, but is, at the same time, mild enough for year-round use. I also just bought an NFL-themed 7-11 Xtreme Gulp thermal mug. It holds 52 ounces of my chosen beverage (Coca-Cola, of course) and keeps it cold for a very long time. And it's refillable for 95 cents.
SUNGLASSES: I have bad luck with sunglasses, so I don't wear them. When I did, I had the kind that clipped over my regular glasses, and I either lost them or had the lenses pop out. At this point, the glasses I wear don't have the sunglass option available, so I just go without.
UNDERWEAR: I officially made the full-time switch to boxers around the first of this year. Mostly from the Joe Boxer collection.
SHOES: Doc Martens shoes, black. Nearing retirement. I wonder if I should go for another pair of the shoes, or if I should switch back to boots.
NAILPOLISH: Not any more. I spent some time with the ring fingernail of my left hand painted black in tribute to Penn Jillette, who does his in red.
KEYCHAIN: Several-A Q101 one that doubles as a bottle opener, the giveaway from my (1995) Senior Prom, which is totally unreadable at this point, but makes a decent emergency ice scraper, a Heartland Blood Centers "One Gallon Donor" one, and that abut it, I think. There have been others.
COMPUTER: Generic P3/600. It is called "The Beast", when I allow myself such silliness.
FAVORITE TOP: I can't decide which black t-shirt is my favorite. Maybe "Nightmare Before Christmas" #2, with the nine grey panels.
FAVORITE PANTS: Black jeans. The name isn't important, the fit is.
SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER: Head & Shoulders for normal hair. I've never used conditioner.
SOAP: Dial.
PERFUME: You're kidding, right?
CD IN THE STEREO RIGHT NOW: In the changer in the car…Tricky's "Blowback", the "Shut Up Kitty" compilation, Rob Zombie's "Hellbilly Deluxe", Gorillaz' "Gorillaz", "The Powerpuff Girls: Heroes And Villains" soundtrack, and Blink 182's "The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show" live disc.
CAR: '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo in black.
TELEVISION: 20" GE I received as a gift from my grandfather for making the honor roll all four quarters of my sophomore year in high school. My beloved DVD player is attached to it.
STEREO: A bad GE all-in-one unit I bought when I was 15. I really should upgrade.
TELEPHONE: It's blue. It has a cord. It sits on the floor of my room.
CELLPHONE: If I go my whole life without owning a cell phone, I'll be thrilled.

There, wasn't that appallingly revealing?

Today's Link Of The Day is another from the "Only on the 'net" file-go visit Sperel. Sperel's a goose. http://www.sperel.com/

9/10/2001 3:12 AM

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