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Sort your iTunes Library by album title. Select one album for each letter, A-Z, (ignore "a," "and," and "the") to create a list of 26 albums that you consider indispensable. Do not repeat artists on your list.

A) Ænima--Tool
B) Blood on the Tracks--Bob Dylan
C) The College Dropout--Kanye West
D) The Downward Spiral--Nine Inch Nails
E) Everything Is Wrong--Moby
F) Fever To Tell--Yeah Yeah Yeahs
G) The Golden Age of Grotesque--Marilyn Manson
H) Happy Hollow--Cursive
I) I Do Not Want What I Have Not Got--Sinéad O'Connor
J) Jar of Flies--Alice In Chains
K) Kala--M.I.A.
L) Let Love In--Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
M) Mesmerize--System of a Down
N) Nevermind--Nirvana
O) One Beat--Sleater-Kinney
P) Psalm 69--Ministry
Q) Quadrophenia--The Who
R) Reign In Blood--Slayer
S) Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea--PJ Harvey
T) This Is Hardcore--Pulp
U) Utopia Parkway--Fountains of Wayne
V) Vitalogy--Pearl Jam
W) whitechocolatespaceegg--Liz Phair
X) Xtort--KMFDM
Y) Yes, Virginia...--The Dresden Dolls
Z) Zooropa--U2

Easy and immediate: B, C, L, N, P
Easy because of lack of options: K, Q, X, Z
Hard because of lack of options: H, J, M
Hard because of too many options: D, S, T, W (particularly W, for which I had four great possibilities, and ended up with the one with the highest average per-song play count)
Tags: memesheepage

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