Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

September 24, 2001

Back to 10-4:30 at work, though I'm under a lot of pressure to add hours. I'm hesitant. If I stick to schedule, I'll be doing 37.5 hours, meaning I could add another 2.5 and reach the overtime threshold. I don't know if I want overtime, though-I wonder if time to myself is worth $15 an hour (my time-and-a-half rate).

I can't remember right now (and at this point I'm too damned lazy to check) how much I've said/complained about the project I'm interviewing for. But here's one thing: it was originally supposed to be done by Wednesday (9/19). Then it got extended to Friday. Then Sunday. Now's it's been extended again, this time to this Thursday (9/27). This is utterly ridiculous. The whole point of the study was to get an instant reaction to The Events, and that instant has passed. Someone screwed up big. One of the reasons I hesitate to work extra hours is that I want to find a way to express my displeasure with the study being extended.

Not much beyond that. Still working through the 20 pounds of comics I bought Friday.

Today's Link Of The Day is Monkeypiece Theatre. Because I just like saying "Monkeypiece Theatre". http://www.royaljournal.com/features/monkeypiece_theatre/index.html

9/25/2001 4:15 AM

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