Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

September 26, 2001

I'm really hungry.

So much so that my stomach hurts.

But I got bait-and-switched, so I'm angry (hey, look at how "-gry" I am!), and that's taking precedence.

Here's the thing: before I went to work today, P asked me what I wanted for dine. I responded in the way I usually do when such a question is asked during the 9AM hour-"I dunno. It's too early to consider". He then proposed something (which I, in my maddeningly vague way, will not identify) for dinner that sounded very good indeed. I went off to work happy with the idea that delicious food would be awaiting me when I got home.

So: work, Herculean task, then homeward to find…nothing. I could tell when I walked in the door that something wasn't right-I couldn't smell anything.

P, apparently, had gotten so involved with cleaning and carpentry (don't ask), he neglected to cook as he said he would.

So, after throwing a couple of things-our recycling bin, for one-I decided to punish him. By not eating.

So I'm hungry. But being angry helps.

Today's Link Of The Day is naughty. That's all the warning you get. http://underground.zork.net/

9/27/2001 3:14 AM

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