Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

September 30, 2001

Getting up relatively early tomorrow, so I have my choice of short entry, and sleep, or long entry, and tired. I'm not yet sure which I'll really go with.

Today's word of the day is "festooned".

Fearless prediction: Survivor III is going to have its ass handed to it in the ratings.

OK, how to say this…

All over-most recently at Julia Keller's column (http://tm0.com/daywatch/sbct.cgi?s=69395106&i=396248&d=1832924) in the Tribune-the "death of irony" (or "postmodernism") has been declared, as a result of The Events.

I ain't buying it.

I don't understand why it has to happen. I don't comprehend why a new birth of earnestness will have to precipitate and a new culture be born.

One of the things Keller points to-and I should have mentioned already, I haven't liked anything Keller's ever had to say, I read her mainly to have something to shake my head at-is "meaning", trying to find a meaning in the attack.

Why does there have to be one? Why does it have to go any deeper than a well-financed madman exercising his vendetta against his perceived enemy? That's meaning enough for me. Inexcusability does not deny or preclude the ability to understand.

Keller refers to the post-September 11 experience as "a transformed world". I disagree. I haven't really changed my view of the world, or culture, or anything. I haven't found need to. I haven't really been shaken to my core, or called into question my fundamental values, such as they are. I have yet to be present with a single salient reason why it SHOULD change. "This really incredible awful thing happened, so you've all got to take things seriously now." No, I don't. The power of ridicule, and finding one's own truth will become even more important in the coming days. Hold on to your cynicism. Hold on to the ability and need to question everything that is presented to you. It will serve you well.

Maybe it's because I'm not an emotional person, and beyond a (temporary) fear of being drafted into armed service I've reacted unemotionally. (Before someone goes back to read my entry from that day and calls me on hypocrisy for opening with "The Chicago way", I remind you that I said I wasn't sure if I agreed with it or not.)

Maybe I'm just ostriching, putting my head in the sand and not seeing something. Maybe I'm just continuing to find reasons to laugh and be cynical because it's the only thing that keeps me from screaming.

Maybe that's why I've been doing it all along.

Today's Link Of The Day is Media Whores Online. MWO is a rather feisty media watchdog group, and they have a pretty decent sense of humor, too. http://www.mediawhoresonline.com/

10/1/2001 3:22 AM

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