Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

October 3, 2001

Damnation. I'm getting sick. Woke up with a very slight pain in my throat and it's not going away. This time tomorrow I'll be flat-out miserable.

Not that I'm not already close to flat-out miserable now, but it's not physical. I seem to be going through a period of anhedonia coupled with SMAF (Spontaneous Massive Ambition Failure). Which is, to say, I don't want to do anything (SMAF), and even if I did, I wouldn't draw any joy from it.

There is still, apparently, a slim chance of me getting the tech job with the company I work for currently, but I've also just sent word to the Rod (Blagojevich) in 2002 Campaign that I might be interested in doing some office work for them (with a spotlight on my technical skills).

Get paid tomorrow, that should put a little bit of spring back into my step.

Tonight's not-season premiere of "The West Wing" was FANTASTIC. (OK, so that puts a little bit of the lie to my comment on anhedonia. Shuddap.)

MS Word doesn't have "anhedonia" in its spell check. Which is too bad, as it's such a fabulous word. (Though not quite as good as my newest favorite word, "catamite". That's one worth both looking up and using in traffic. Go on, I'll wait.)

Today's Link Of The Day is The Alternative Dictionaries, a resource which can tell you such important things as how to say "motherfucker" in Nepali, and "suck my cock" in Uzbek. Go, learn, prosper. http://www.notam.uio.no/~hcholm/altlang/

10/4/2001 3:05 AM

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